Plenty of Demand and Mortgage Opportunities

It’s official. I’m getting my house ready for sale! I know, I know, but don’t worry. I’m not turning this into a personal blog of any kind. That’s actually my tip for the day. Selling my house.

I’ve been wanting to sell for some time now. Been here for over 15 years, which is longer than the norm.

That norm is rising, though. Why, you might ask?

Well, this could be due to several different things. Prices dropped, and people were less likely to sell for awhile. Or no one was up for buying. “It’s possible that no one thought they could get a loan, and they weren’t aware of the different down payment assistance options available to them, says Arnold Allen from Down Payment Assistance of Arizona. All valid reasons. Whatever the reasons, though, this is actually ending up as a fantastic mortgage window.

Ok, ok, so what does that actually mean? Well, after I sell the home I’m in I’ll need another place to move into! Which means I need another mortgage for that house. Which means that the act of selling is generating business for a realtor and a mortgage and loan officer.

So what does this mean for you? Well, it mean reaching out to your previous homebuyers. Reach out to ask more than if they need refinancing. Reach out to see if they might be interested in selling their current house.

When you reach out to people who might want to sell their current house you create an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors. You can make a connetion with people before they’re even getting into the mortgage game. Imagine how many more games a team would win if their competition was never even allowed to show up! Keep thinking like this and your business will boom bigger than you ever thought possible.

By thinking outside the box you can build your business far beyond what anyone thought was possible. Since you aren’t using that box, can I have it? I have to start packing!

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